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The Rehoboth Youth Department has a rich heritage in which we are thankful for the blessings that God has shown us and the fellowship that we have had through the years.  The Rehoboth Youth Department includes young people up through the age of 35 years of age, and co-link and collaborates with other auxiliaries of the church such as; sunshine band, purity class, boys club, precious jewels, and the Pentecostal Young People’s Union (widely known as the P.Y.P.U.).

We are privileged to have had some great leaders which included: Deacon Philip Randall, Evangelist Roshanne Redmond, Sis. Stephanie Anderson, Bro & Sis. Adrian & Cassandra Redmond, Sis Rondeen Mindley, and currently; Sis. Ethel Greenaway, Sis. Lisa White and our Youth Advisor Elder Magnus Mindley.  

We continue to reach out to the community through block parties, carwashes outside services and passing out tracts and ministering. We also take many trips to amusement parks, help organize and carry out church picnics among other activities and events. The sunshine band consisted of the younger boys and girls up through the age of 12 were taught foundational sound biblical truths and went on many field trips and zoo excursions.

Youth and Young Adults

The sunshine band leaders were: Sis. Stephanie Anderson, Sis. JoAnn Broome, Sis. Roshanne Redmond, and Sis. Talisa Steele-Howlett.  The purity class another component of the youth department, has helped young girls transition from adolescence to teenage years, and taught them to be ladies naturally and spiritually. These leaders included: Sis. Deborah Hebron, Sis. Elizabeth Randall, Sis. LaReisa Boyd, Sis. Judith Wright, Sis. Dawn Hampton  and Sis. Denese Moore.  Girls were taught how to cook, teaching them about personal hygiene, how to act with young men and just to be well rounded young ladies.  The boys club also helped young boys transition from adolescence to teenage years teaching them to be men naturally and spiritually.  They had a long standing leader in Elder Norenzer White, Evangelist Lamont Cloude and more recent, Deacon Leon Carlton which have helped nurture the boys and young men with personal hygiene issues, physical fitness and health, how to engage with young ladies and just all around fun. The Beaconettes was established early on at Rehoboth, and had many great women leaders such as Mother Catherine Woods to teach these women, then eventually, Mother Gloria Allen who renamed the young ladies group their current name: the Precious Jewels.

The P.Y.P.U. although under Christian education auxiliary, has helped bring youth as well as adults together through class-size teaching of the word and going in-depth with life related questions and answers.  P.Y.P.U. leaders have included Elder Norenzer White, Evangelist Patricia Randall, Evangelist Denese Moore and Evangelist Roshanne Redmond.  The youth department also included AWESOME youth and young adult choirs who sang and continues to sing to the glory of God.  The leaders of the young adult and children's choirs included, Sis. Beverly Davis, Sis. Cookie Bailey, Sis. Elizabeth Randall, Sis. Stephanie Anderson, Sister Tashara White, Sis. Chantel Dillard, Sis. Miriam Williams, Bro. Damian Mindley, Bro. Thomas Williams, Sis. Nikki Fox, Bro. Omar Williams, Sis. Ethel Greenaway, Sis. Lisa White and Sis. Menita Parson.  The Young Adult choir ministers every 3rd Sunday on Youth Sunday and the children's choir ministers every Sunday.  God has allowed the Young Adult choir to minister outside of the four walls of the Rehoboth sanctuary and draw souls to Christ through song.  The Young Adult Choirs have ministered throughout the Baltimore Metropolitan area and beyond that have included places at Mondawmin Mall and the Gospel Heritage Workshop of America contest, they also won second place in a Choir competition at Six Flags New Jersey.  

We, the Youth Department have a rich heritage that we will continue to instill in our youth and train them to carry on the legacy with dignity and with the grace of God.