The Historic Rehoboth Church of God

Ministries of Rehoboth

Elder Magnus Mindley

Assistant Pastor “God Cares For Us”

Grace and peace to you from the most high God, our father, Jesus Christ the Lord. I want to take the opportunity to greet and celebrate Rehoboth’s 80 years in existence. As a member of Rehoboth for over 25 years, I have experienced the Lord’s wonderful working power. He has enlarged our borders and makes room for us. In spite of the many uphill battles Rehoboth fought, through them all, the Lord gave us the victory. The battle is not yet over, but we are determined to fight the good fight of faith. And with the grace of God, we are confident that we will overcome. Rehoboth has been a fruitful bough from the past administration to the current, and will continue to be a fruitful bough in the future. Rehoboth is like a seed planted, and by God’s watering grace it grows. And over the years it has become a big great tree, a tree so fruitful and prosperous that it has produced many great men and women of God. Some of these great men and women of God were of Bishop Carr’s and Bishop Barnes’ generation and others are currently in Bishop Allen’s generation and will continue to be until Jesus comes.

Elder Magnus Mindley

Ladies and gentlemen, brother and sisters, friends and well-wishers I urge you to let us join hands and hearts together to celebrate and applaud Rehoboth’s 80 years of existence. We give praise and glory to God who has brought us this far to experience some of Rehoboth’s successes and accomplishments. Truly we can say, Rehoboth is still here, still standing, and still strong!

Yours in the Master’s service,
Elder Mindley

Elder R.C. Greene

Musical Department Overseer

I joined Rehoboth Church of God in Christ Jesus Apostolic, on July 6, 2006. Previously, I had been a member of the Pillar of Truth Church Apostolic Pastor Agnes Scurry, for about 20years. I became a member of Rehoboth because its perspective of the apostolic doctrine closely aligned with the Pillar of Truth Church. At Rehoboth Church, I’ve been able to flourish spiritually, doctrinally, and musically.

I thank God for Rehoboth Church and Pastor Keith G. Allen. My spiritual knowledge has increased being under Pastor Allen’s excellent leadership. This 80th Anniversary is a testament to the many saints, including myself who have benefited from the doctrine that was first delivered to the saints of God. I’m happy that I made the eternal decisions to join the Rehoboth church of God in Christ Jesus apostolic.

Elder R.C. Greene